Far be it from me to ever claim perfection in one of my beloved shooting sports. I will ALWAYS be better than some shooters, not as good as others, always try to achieve better, grow my skill sets and win against my previous scores. This is my philosophy, simple as it may be, and is the same philosophy that I adhere to when I coach the NJ Junior Pistol Team and the Junior Pistol League at our local club. It works, it’s fair and allows for growth at any individuals pace.

Sometimes, though…only sometimes… I just suck out loud during a shooting match.

I’ve shot all kinds of competitions that go bang–steel challenge, USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, Bowling Pins, GLOCK Matches, Multi-Gun and Bullseye (Precision Pistol). I love them all and would shoot them more if I was independently wealthy and had nothing but time to travel and attend matches. Forced to choose, my current climb is a flimsy ladder up along the tall tower of Bullseye Shooting. Particularly referring to the match I shot two weeks ago at Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club, holy behemoth–did I screw up that match.

Actually, I kind of knew that it was going to be a steaming pile of pheseez after the first few shots. For whatever the reason, I wasn’t able to phase into the game. To achieve Zen. To stay calm and not think. Way too much thinking going on. Just letting the shooting happen, wasn’t happening.

When that happens to you…and it will, I’ll give you the same advice I give my kids. Forget about the match. Forget about the score. Forget about what you think people will say or what they will think. Forget the weather, the fact that you’re hungry, the dog, or the itch behind your left knee. All there is to think about is the next shot and the fundamentals needed to get that next shot off. Stance, grip, breathing, sight alignment and the trigger…

Does it work? I shot a full 2700 that day, broken into 3 “900” matches (all day long). The first 900 crumbled because I just couldnt get it together. The second tanked completely as I got frustrated and broke all my own rules. The third 900? That took place after lunch and after I had time to think, reflect, remember and decide to do it  the right way. Right frame of mind, fundamentals in place, one shot at a time…. shot a personal best in competition. So clearly, it works.

This Jew Shoots Guns… and sucks as much as anyone else…sometimes.


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