I’m not going to convince you of anything.

More than likely you’ve already made up your mind about who or what to point a finger at. Who’s to blame. If something needs to be banned or not. Anyone who disagrees is the enemy.

Is it blatantly obvious what my opinion is on what to do next? Will you assume that the pro-gun firearms instructor who probably has an arsenal stocked to start a war and enough ammo stockpiled to end said war, will start stomping his feet and waving his arms that the NRA should be given legislative control of the USA?

It might surprise you that while I clearly don’t want any of our 2nd Amendment rights “adjusted” or “reinterpreted”, I do think that the background check system has once again failed our society and allowed this dangerous individual to access firearms that he should not have had access to.

Now remember–I’m not stepping up on my soap box to preach the solution to you here. I don’t have the answer. I don’t pretend that had he been denied the NICS check that he would not have been able to get his hands on guns of the exact same size and caliber through the darker side of street purchasing. Maybe it would have taken a little longer, but being that the investigation on him was over already, perhaps he would have carried out his murderous plot a week or two later instead. Let’s also please dispel the myth that you can walk into a gun shop or gun show and just buy a gun without a background check. No. It’s illegal. Everywhere. Yes, even in Texas.

But the system did fail us. Make no mistake.

While you cannot remove the rights of an American citizen (as he was) for having impure thoughts or intents without having hard proof of such intent, clearly there must have been enough evidence to at least put a hold on any sort of background checks considering what they were investigating him for in the first place. Again, who am I to say? If I were being investigated as a potential terrorist threat, I would want the investigation closed asap as well.

There is no clear solution. Banning rifles, handguns or ammo will do nothing. Banning Muslims will do nothing. There is no hard and fast solution to the dangerous problem we face. Little patches here and there, American resilience, the realization that we must be prepared to defend ourselves if need be, are only tiny steps we can take to change the outcome next time. And there will be a next time–shooting, bombing, knifing, or driving a car through a crowded demonstration like a parade, can all do as much damage as the Orlando Mass Shooting (terrorist attack–let’s call this what it is).

Technically, reading this article has been a waste of your time…. Or has it?

This Jew Shoots Guns… Convincing you of nothing.

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