Why NJ Home Defense Class?

The NRA offers a class called, “Personal Protection In the Home”. I took the class. Passed the class. Good class.

Problem? A huge chunk of the class did not pertain to me.

Why? Because I live in the state of New Jersey. It could easily be the state of New York. The State of Illinois. California. Any state with shackle-like restrictive gun laws, written by people who have little understanding of the reality of how those laws affect law-abiding citizens. NJ home defense is a sore subject. But let’s not go down that road. There’s plenty to read about that out there.

My problem was the simple fact that as an instructor teaching this class, I would be forced to again and again utter the words; “But that’s different here in Jersey. In Jersey we have to…” and go on with a caveat explanation as to why a procedure or technique that is 100% acceptable elsewhere in the country, will get a victim arrested in joisey while defending home and family against an intruder. Let’s make sure that’s clear so we all understand — In New Jersey (NY, IL, CA) — you can and will be arrested in your own home if you handled an intruder incorrectly whilst they try to (rob, rape, murder, etc.) you or your loved ones.

My solution, after extensive legal research and conferring with law enforcement, was the Bogie Firearms Academy New Jersey Home Defense with Firearms class. Personal Protection Inside the Home, reorganized and modified to pertain to the “unique” regulations that exist in states that are more restrictive of the bang and more willing to allow lawsuits against homeowners by the very criminals who intruded in the first place. But we cover that in the class…believe me.

Worth mentioning–the class is also a heck of a lot of fun. it’s changed throughout the years and we now use laser trainer firearms to simulate the different scenarios and teach the techniques.We also give very real drills and assignments to students to use on the range in order to practice for real life scenarios. We even give range credits so that the students can go out and practice the techniques in controlled conditions, but to apply to real life attacks (hopefully not).

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  • Les "Pa" Brown Reply

    Hey Rich, Great job on the new website.
    Going to have to make time for this course sometime soon.

    • Bogie Reply

      We’d love to have you, Les!

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