My open shoots are a great way for current and former students to come out and hone their skills and keep in practice with their firearms. Be it pistols, shotguns or rifles, everyone’s got their own thing, their own purposes and their own comfort levels when they come out for some practice.

Then there are my juniors.

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What I find amazing is that while I have been dealing with the combination of kids and firearms for some years now, this particular crop (all girls) are just…so…fearless! Guns that adults wimper at the though of firing (like yesterday’s 5-shot judge shooting .45 long colt), these girls pick them up and just go at it. I just love it.

And the fact that they’re already starting with bullseye (excuse me, I mean, “Precision Pistol”) at the age of 10-12 is particularly awesome. At least two, possibly three more to bring to Camp Perry next year… ugh.

This Jew Shoots Guns…and is looking at the necessity of starting another junior league, and ¬†soon!

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