You might say I’m crazy.

Go ahead, say it. Tell me that I’m crazy.

I went ahead and created another junior shooting league. It wasn’t enough that fifteen kids on the state Precision Pistol team took up tons of time. Not enough that there’s worries about procuring ammunition, firearms for them to use, curriculum to constantly advance, and coordinating who is shooting what at which match on which date. Heaven forbid I forget to bring a gun.

But noooo…on top of it all, I had to go and make life more complicated by offering the other side of the coin as well. I had to go and put together a junior league of action shooters, training them to explore all the action shooting sports like Steel Challenge, USPSA, IPSC, USPSA and Multi-Gun. Different firearms, different ammo, different equipment, ugh. Why the hell do I do this to myself and others?

Because, man, I love it so.

While still dealing with the nightmare involving the range facility for Bogie Firearms Academy, in the meantime at least I still have the kids to teach, train and nurture in their early shooting careers. I have got an amazing group of kids.

My coaching partner, Ken, and myself continue to find ourselves astounded at how quickly they pick up the techniques and how willing they are to participate in the repetitive cycles necessary to develop those techniques into skills. That goes for all of them.

In addition, there are a select few of them who defy all odds and pick up a gun that at first glance, makes a coach think; “No way. That gun is going to be too heavy/large/much recoil for her/him to handle. Let them take five shots and see for themselves.”


And then they pull the damn trigger and you would swear the gun was a part of their arm. almost as if it were made for them.

[wpvideo tTvK0QXO]

Our instruction is careful, emphasizing safety more than anything, meticulous, slow in pace, high in reward and structured for any age group or skill level. We provide the guns, the ammo, a multitude of different types of targets and play shooting games to cap off each session. We even allow parents to shoot (their own guns and ammo).


We offer junior action pistol training at Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club in Jackson, NJ every second and fourth Sunday of the month. If there is a junior in your life that you feel might be a good candidate, we welcome you to contact us and get some more information and then come on over to try us out and see what it’s all about. You do NOT have to be a club member to have a junior participate.

This Jew Shoots Guns… Who you callin’ crazy? 

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