BFA is always on the lookout for talented instructors!

If you are a certified instructor (NRA, Law Enforcement, Military or similar) and can produce credentials to the type of instruction you can provide then we want to hear from you!

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Instructors for basic, intermediate, advanced and competition level pistol, rifle and shotgun courses. Self defense, home defense and other tactical level disciplines are also sought.
  • Proven abilities and at least 3-years experience as an instructor in the discipline you are applying for.
  • Own your own firearms for use in training (in addition to using ours).
  • Own your own firearms instructor insurance coverage.
  • Clean-cut, presentable and professional appearance.
  • Positive attitude with a love of firearms disciplines and teaching others.
  • A willingness to always continue your education and to confirm to the teaching standards and practices of Bogie Firearms Academy.

Special Guest Instructors Welcome!

Passing throughout area and have knowledge to pass on?

As in all things, diversity of knowledge is a source of pure strength. If you have and can offer specialized training opportunities of our students and you can give us a little lead time, we are thrilled to put together special offer seminars for your specific instruction. One day or several, presenting students with opportunities is what BFA is all about!

Heck, we’ll even shoot a video of your seminar for you.

Opportunities and Compensation

BFA offers generous compensation to instructors, Range Safety Officers, Hunter Clinic Instructors, Match Directors and other contract staffing for our classes, courses and events. BFA does not discriminate in its contracting practices and offers contract wages based on experience only.

If you are interested in getting more information or sending your resume along with an outline of your experience, please reach out via email to