Bogie Firearms Academy is committed to making the shooting lifestyle available to everyone.

We want to increase access and participation in the shooting sports and educate all people with disabilities, no matter what that may be, about firearm ownership and personal protection. There are no requirements or qualifications to take part in our adaptive shooting program, except to have an interest in shooting and firearms.

Shooters with disabilities are generally under-represented in the shooting sports, personal protection instruction and hunting communities.

The goal at BFA is to increase access and participation in shooting activities for people with disabilities through specialized techniques and technologies that are safe and unique to each individual.

Your disability should not prohibit you from enjoying the shooting sports or personal protection. We are committed to providing you with all the information you need to do what you love and protect the ones you love.

Adaptive shooting is applying any specialized technique or technology to safely participate in shooting activities.  It can be as simple as lighter caliber guns to accommodate decreased grip strength associated with arthritis or as complex as hydraulic systems that allow people with quadriplegia to fire high powered rifles.

In conjunction with the NRA, Bogie Firearms Academy is working on developing adaptive shooting instructors to educate and train people with disabilities on all aspects of firearm ownership and competitive shooting.

If you have any questions about our adaptive shooting program, training opportunities or events, please feel free to contact us.

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