Firearms Training

What To Know When You Point A Gun

The following is an article I wrote about two years ago for a blog/website called “Expert Prepper” I believe as rumblings about […]


New Website And Update For BFA

Good news…finally. New Website. New Range. New Instructors. New Opportunities. So as you can see, we’ve got a new website that is […]


Gun Training After The Class

There are lots of opportunities out there to learn to shoot. Gun training classes are as plentiful as summer watermelon. You can […]


Junior Action Shooting

You might say I’m crazy. Go ahead, say it. Tell me that I’m crazy. I went ahead and created another junior shooting […]


Help Send The NJ Junior Pistol Team To The Nationals!

We are sending the NJ Junior Pistol Team To The National Championships at Camp Perry, but we need your help! It aint […]


Guns and GoFundMe Flip Flop

Anyone who reads this little blog of mine throughout the years knows I have a soft spot for junior shooters. They are the […]


A Rainy Day With Junior Shooters

Breaking the monotony of the fiercely regimented discipline of Precision Pistol Competition (aka Bullseye shooting) I felt the junior shooters of the […]


Gun Owner Vs. Shooter

As a firearms instructor, there is one consistent trait I find with gun owners that never ceases to amaze me. It’s the single constant that creates a sense of fear deep within me and yet would be completely inappropriate for me to express to students in the way that I feel it. That fear is the fact that there are SO many gun owners out there who haven’t the slightest clue how to operate a firearm, much less use one in a defensive situation.

Do you own a gun? Are you a Gun Owner or a Shooter?

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