Better Shooting

Why NJ Home Defense Class?

The NRA offers a class called, “Personal Protection In the Home”. I took the class. Passed the class. Good class. Problem? A […]


Shooting Competitions: Sometimes You Just Suck

Far be it from me to ever claim perfection in one of my beloved shooting sports. I will ALWAYS be better than some shooters, not as good as others, always try to achieve better, grow my skill sets and win against my previous scores. This is my philosophy, simple as it may be, and is the same philosophy that I adhere to when I coach the NJ Junior Pistol Team and the Junior Pistol League at our local club. It works, it’s fair and allows for growth at any individuals pace.



Come out for half a day of fun and excitement on the range where we challenge your shooting skills against others in knocking over as many steel plates as possible under time!


Gun Owner Vs. Shooter

As a firearms instructor, there is one consistent trait I find with gun owners that never ceases to amaze me. It’s the single constant that creates a sense of fear deep within me and yet would be completely inappropriate for me to express to students in the way that I feel it. That fear is the fact that there are SO many gun owners out there who haven’t the slightest clue how to operate a firearm, much less use one in a defensive situation.

Do you own a gun? Are you a Gun Owner or a Shooter?


The Basic Pistol Course with BFA

“Why should I take a basic pistol class? I’ve shot before.” “I’m not really interested in guns, I just want to be […]


Shooting Instruction: Great Demand, Great Responsibility

“Be careful what you wish for, you may get it” has always seemed like an empty threat and promise to me. How […]


Bullseye Shooting – A Dying Sport?

I've been shooting Bullseye competitions for about five years now. In that five years, I have noticed five things worth mentioning: The […]


Get Loaded

Jews Don't Shoot Guns Product Review Of The  Mag Lula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader I've gone through quite a few new shooter […]

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