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Ask Our Instructors

Got a question about technique, form, style, recommendations or trouble? Here is where to ask your questions and one of our trained instructors will be happy to assist.

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My grip on the gun


Firearm Purchase & Ownership
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Gun Purchases, Transport and Ownership in NJ

Got a question, comment, concern or a rant and rave about owning a firearm in New Jersey? Here is the place to find out...

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The basics of firearm transpor...


BFA Classes, Courses & Events
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BFA Classes

Classes at Bogie Firearms Academy are usually single day instruction in firearms. For example; NRA Basic Pistol, NJ Home Defense, Introduction to Firearms, etc...

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BFA Courses

Courses at BFA (unlike individual classes) are multi-day instructional opportunities for in-depth learning and skill development. Courses usually have a prerequisite and offer practice time between instruction days. For example; Intermediate Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle, Intro to Multi-Gun competition, etc...

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BFA Events

Events at Bogie Firearms Academy can be any opportunity for skill development, additional training, practice sessions, league events, matches, etc...

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3-gun matches in NJ?



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