Dan Wesson Model 15 in .357 Magnum

My thanks to you all for being so patient with me while I repaired some problems with pictures showing on my site here and also with my unusually high amount of political rants and raves about gun control. Being that we are in an emergency here with our rights being wrangled up and stripped away, I felt it pertinent.

But in the interest of getting back on track to the original purpose of this little blog of mine, I have something that you might enjoy. As my revolver hunt grew more dismal in not finding what I wanted in a truly multi-purpose revolver (competition, home defense, and good old fashioned fun), I happened upon a little treasure at one of my frequented gun shops, in that of a Dan Wesson model 15, .357 magnum.


 I bought it used after a thorough inspection and confirmation that after-market grips were available for it. The wooden grips that came with the gun are quite nice, and do have a robust size to them, but they would not be appropriate for the kind of competitions I want to shoot with this pistol.

So the Hogue rubber grips (pictured above on the gun) are pretty standard, but you gotta give it to Hogue, they know their grips. Excellent purchase, perfect finger positioning and absolutely no slip.

The gun itself? Excellent. I was a little concerned purchasing a used revolver, but my concerns were for naught. It cycles beautifully, shoots like a dream, accurate to within an inch at 50 yards and even with a magnum round–has very manageable recoil. True, I didn't get the other three barrels that would have come with the gun new (did you hear the collective "thuds" of Dan Wesson collectors falling out of their chairs?), nor did I get the fancy box. I did get the barrel wrench so that I can change them, if I wanted to, so that remains an option for the future.

For now, the 4" barrel suits me just fine. I might upgrade to a 6" eventually for bullseye shooting in distinguished revolver matches, but again, I've got time for that. I will not be putting a scope on this gun though. I want to keep it iron sights, which, I should mention, are fully adjustable. Nice feature considering that this was one of the premium competition revolvers during the 1980's.

I consider myself quite lucky to find the gun in as good a condition as it was in. I will report back after the first "official" match on performance.

This Jew Shoots Guns… and is very happy that .357 and .38 special are cross compatible.

4 thoughts on “Dan Wesson Model 15 in .357 Magnum

  1. Brad_in_MA says:

    Mavel Tov, Bogie. Mazel Tov. A buddy of mine has a smith & wesson model 27 along with a Rossi lever action rifle, both chambered for .357 magnum. Given NJ’s stupid gun laws, what are the challenges in finding a .357 chambered lever gun in your neck of the woods?


  2. Rob Halvorson says:

    Not all the Dan Wessons came with multiple barrels. The vast majority were only sold with one barrel. I bought mine with a 4 inch barrel and later purchased a 6 inch barrel for it.


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