**UPDATE** Ruger Mark 3 Competition Pistol & Beretta 92FS

My appreciation for all the advice both on and off-line regarding my awesome Ruger Mark III Competition pistol. I swapped out the trigger, sear and extractor from the factory standards to the Volquartsen custom parts as well as the factory wooden competition grips to the VQ black competition grips.

(The original post can be seen here: Ruger Mark 3 Competition Pistol)

Here’s what she looks like now:

Now I know what you’re going to say… it was prettier with the nice wooden grips.

Yeah, yeah., I hear ya. The issue at stake here, however, is not the looks of the gun, but the functionality in improving my bullseye shooting scores from the mid to high seven-hundreds to the mid to high eight-hundreds.

Here’s another view:


I shot it for the first time (with the upgrades) last night thanks to my good friend Ken (and additional thanks to my good friend, Ray, who came armed with tools). Their helm was much appreciated due to the fact that while I got all the upgrades put in, I didn’t necessarily get them put in correctly, as this gun is comprised of about 6,482 moving parts that when disassembled, looks nothing like a gun. Regardless, my day was saved thanks to fellow shooting enthusiasts.

Now, how did it shoot? The trigger is so damn light now that it threw me way off. From five lbs of pull down to a little under three is a huge change and a lot to get used to. But the answer to the question “how did it shoot” is, like a dream. It’s like butter. Creamy caramel that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. It’s the soft center to a fresh Hostess fruit pie… It shoots friggin great.

 Oh, and since I have you, I also slid a few minor improvements over by way of my Beretta 92FS. Chocked her up with a new, adjustable rear sight and some HIGHLY recommended Hogue grips.

Check ‘er out:

The new rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation (up and down) and windage (left to right) to perfectly zero in properly aimed shots. Put a few rounds through it yesterday as well and the aim is much better than the factory sights in that I no longer have to pop the front sight dot above the two rear sight dots to hit on target.


Now I can line up the three dots and put the hole where I want it.

The new Hogue rubber grips are an absolute need-to-feel for anyone shooting this pistol with factory grips. They offer such great purchase of the handgrip and manage to absorb a little of the recoil as well. They are so comfortable and fit well even into my meaty paw.

Going to shoot a steel match with this over the weekend with Cody and Ken and his Son, Josh. Cody also upgraded his Glock 17 trigger from a 5.5 pound factory pull to a 3.5 pound Ghost trigger. QUITE a difference.  I’ll report back.

This Jew Shoots Guns. Upgrades all around.

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